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Interior design studio "GENESIS" offers to make

Interior design project for an apartment, house, restaurant or office in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

Selected projects

The interior design of an apartment and a house is not just painted walls and arranged furniture.

How to find a good designer?
It is a complex process of planning your future life that will affect your well-being and mood. Your future depends on how you plan your life. The same applies to the interior of an apartment or house. Features of the layout change the entire character of the room, as any important action in your life affects its quality. You come here after a long day of work to recuperate and get those hours of peace and satisfaction that every person deserves after a labor struggle with the outside world. It is in your apartment from evening to morning that not only your phone is charged, but also "your battery" is charged, which will help you to perform new feats and achieve high goals.

Interior design studio GENESIS will show how the interior of your home becomes a logical continuation of your character and life values, since, with a partial attitude to the process of renovation and repair, the designer takes into account all the details of your life and current conditions and tries to make the interior design the most practical and convenient ... Yes exactly. The most important thing in the interior is not beauty, but the correct planning of the life process in the home. Every morning, you wake up and go to the bathroom, to the kitchen, get dressed, do morning exercises, or go to work. These are all actions that should be performed without unnecessary annoyance and fuss. First of all, it should be convenient for you to do all those actions that you perform without hesitation, on a subconscious level. If at least some trifle distracts with its inconvenience, then it interferes and confuses. And sometimes seriously angry. Therefore, your every step, every dissatisfaction in the current way of life is an important feature that will not leave the eyes of an experienced designer. We help to identify and take into account all the disadvantages and annoying factors in order to level their influence in the future life of the client.


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