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Bar stool "ETNO"

We present one of the best models of bar stools from our production.


Of course, the bar in it is only height, but in all other characteristics it surpasses the most comfortable chairs. Even in spite of the fact that the chair is made of solid pine, due to its ergonomics it is very comfortable and pleasant to sit on it (we invite those who doubt to come to us, to sit, so to speak, and see for themselves).

The curved back allows you to maintain the correct posture, and the curved smooth armrests, in addition to their aesthetic functions, fulfill their intended role (it is convenient to hold and lean, well, whoever likes it).

      There is also a forged support for the legs. The assembly is robust and reliable. You can safely drag a chair throughout the apartment or house and nothing will happen to him. The weight of this product, of course, is not the smallest, but it should be so. Still, the bar stool must be stable, even if the child wants to climb on it and begins to swing.

Size: 550x660x1100 mm.

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