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Design of the gazebo "Barbecue in a new way"

In this project, we propose to take a fresh look at such a thing as barbecue. After all, this is not only a place for frying meat! This is where you spend time talking with friends and family. Accordingly, comfort is paramount.

The opportunity to accommodate all guests and give them maximum warmth and attention remains important. The barbecue itself is located on a small elevation. This effect discards the recreation area from the rest of the site and makes it more local.

In the center of the composition is a brazier, open on both sides. All kitchen utensils are in the back. This is very helpful when you are hosting guests. A large table is nearby, and for those wishing to relax under the summer pergola, you can sit nearby. Well, and for those who love to chat in private, a swing bench is hung.

That's all. The main thing in this project is its ergonomics and practicality. Everything else is decorations.

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