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House design in ethnic style Grandma has arrived!

Total area 250 sq.

The task of developing the interior was to create a cozy home that conveys the atmosphere of a European province.

Space planning gives a home a cohesive structure where life is in full interaction. Here each person lives communicating, experiencing, resting, living in his own world, his family, his beloved home. The kitchen is Lorient's basement, with an abundance of old wood, arched ceiling and sloping wall graphics combined with colorful ceramics add a cheerful mood.

The living room area is highlighted with a beamed vault and is a place where the whole family will gather, even Avdotya Nikitishna and Pelageya Nikiforovna, who came to stay, will fit. The dining room is under a dome that converges in the center above the table. Prospective laying of boards makes the room higher, and hidden lighting gives airiness to the interior.

The bathroom is designed in a bungalow style. In the part of the washbasins there is a huge mirror with a print, which creates the effect of a window with greenery. The ceiling is finished with beams, and the lighting is sewn over it - thus the bathroom is not limited by the walls, it is spacious and cozy at the same time. There is no need to rush to live here, you can relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle, throw off your worries for a while and take part in another life - the life of your family.

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