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Country style

Key features of country style:

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Rather old furniture of "awkward" design, rather than sleek and polished antiques or examples of a particular era.

  • Don't worry if the look of wood furniture isn't perfect; on the contrary, some worn-out and worn-out is what is needed for a true country spirit. Also out of place are heavy kitchen cabinets and huge folding tables with curly legs.

  • Colorful fabrics are fundamentally important, but their floral motifs should "play in the same troupe" with the eclectic colors of upholstered furniture and curtains, so as not to look too neat and new.

  • Simple curtains without grandiose folds and draperies.

  • Natural texture - from wooden wall cladding to hand-knitted bedspreads and pillows - for the atmosphere of a "good, old, dear" home.

  • Dishes, personal belongings, and photographs are displayed in every room - on walls, shelves, bookcases or dressing tables.

Is Country style for me?

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Country style is ideal for you if you:

  • Love simple-minded, "haphazard" interiors

  • I prefer houses with character and history

  • You love to combine old and new according to your own taste

  • We intend to create our own, not fashionable style

  • Don't worry if guests come and the house is far from perfect order

  • Live as a large family and / or keep many animals

  • In no case, if at least one statement is true:

  • I hate chaos and trinkets

  • Only in a minimalist interior is order possible

  • It pisses me off when the room has mixed furniture and everything else

  • I prefer the upholstery, curtains, pillows and lampshades to match

  • I love it when everything is new, fresh and modern

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