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Modern interior of an apartment in the residential complex "Uyutny Kvartal"

Planning solution in 3d


Interior visualization

Modern interior of an apartment of 32 square meters for a young couple.

The style of the apartment is not tied to any of the standard design directions. It is felt rather than obeyed by strict category rules. The presence of white, wood, natural grays and dark finishes is combined in a small, cozy apartment with an intriguing definition of SMART. But, as they say, SMART is not a sentence and our task is to get the most out of the possible.

At the entrance, the darkest part of the interior. Graphite walls in a small hallway are designed so that they do not get dirty as easily as white ones and do not irritate the eye at the slightest speck on the door jamb. To compensate for this, we've added mirrored sliding wardrobe doors and ceiling lights. The rays of light that go into the reflection add height and width to the hallway room.

The kitchen line is quite long and gives room for cooking, as well as skillfully disguises all the necessary equipment, including a gas boiler, a microwave oven and a washing machine. The facades of the kitchen are in a rather bold color, even despite the abundance of white, there is wood on the countertop and backsplash, as well as individual elements of "graphite" color on the vertical columns of the kitchen and along the line of the stove. The graphic nature of these lines knocks down the boring monocolor of white and makes it clear that the owners are not afraid to experiment and break the established stereotypes with bold decisions.
It is difficult to receive guests in such a small apartment, but not for our interior. You can always play board games or watch TV behind a comfortable sofa and dining group in the spirit of the Balinese interior.

The bed is separated by a special niche with its own lighting and additional storage space underneath. On the foot side there is a convenient shallow wardrobe for books, clothes and bed linen. A graceful natural print on photo wallpapers that imitate painting in a natural style will help add romance.


In the bathroom, the floor tiles smoothly transition to the wall, logically closing the overall interior graphics. Wood, white and dark - a win-win combination of colors that, with the addition of stone tiles in the shower room, harmonizes with the natural mood of the entire interior. And dark plumbing fixtures will add simplicity in the subsequent care of the bathroom. A large mirror and lighting will add a romantic relaxing effect, and the night lighting under the washstand will allow you to comfortably enter at night without the risk of going blind))


Virtual tour of the interior of the apartment

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