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BLOG about design

Our blog includes the most striking examples of modern design that undoubtedly affect the lives of the inhabitants of these houses and apartments, created by the best designers in the world.

Each blog article shows possible solutions to complex life issues related to interior design, ergonomics and lifestyle.

Here you will not see boring projects torn from life. Here is only what can be useful in the conditions of our life and customs. There is no dispute about tastes, they are developed. And we will develop along with the best examples of design art.


TED talks about design

TED is a global community of people from different disciplines and cultures seeking a deeper understanding of the world.

They believe in the power of ideas that can change relationships, life and the world itself. This collection contains the most interesting and useful speeches on design and its impact on humans.

You will be able to learn about science-based design, what parts of design make you happy and how you can design buildings in the future.

VIDEO about design

A separate section for those who like to watch videos .

World design never stands still. Every year, anyway, month or week, new ideas appear that can radically change our perception of the environment and tools of work.

Short video reviews show some of the best examples of design thought and implementation.

It contains mini-videos about unusual small-sized apartments, unique object and furniture design, as well as amazing examples of what a person is capable of and his irrepressible desire for innovation.

BOOKS about design

We believe that a truly good designer is not born, but becomes. You can't just take and become one by doing many different projects.

Personal experience is certainly good, but the knowledge of other successful designers is the best basis for professional and personal growth.

The books collected in this review will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Despite the fact that design can be different (interior, graphic or web design), all this is intertwined and has one problematic: the ability to establish your own world and teach this to the client.

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