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Interior of an apartment in Crystal Park in the neoclassical style

Neoclassical apartment interior for a young family with a child.

The neoclassical style presupposes a large number of light shades, as well as suitable color components of neutral shades. From the classic elements, it was decided to take light motives like cornices on the ceiling and a high plinth, locally use moldings in the bedroom and unobtrusive light fixtures.

The studio in our interior is a meeting place for the whole family, where you can comfortably cook without interfering with watching TV and chatting at the table. The TV is placed above the kitchen countertop so that it does not come into contact with the cooking area and, at the same time, its location was convenient for viewing. A kitchen with a built-in refrigerator complements the interior and visually fits into the furniture ensemble in the living room. The dining table is located closer to the center of the room, while an elegant chandelier, reflected in the mirror by the table, adds atmosphere to the dining area.

The entrance hall has 2 large wardrobes with a mezzanine, where everything you need can fit.

From the living room we can get to any room in the apartment. So the bedroom has a large double bed and a stylish wardrobe, and hidden vertical lighting at the headboard will add a romantic mood in the evening.

The nursery is very small, but quite comfortable and spacious; here along the wall with a soft headboard with lighting fit a single crib, a wardrobe and a toy rack. And on the opposite wall is a table with a hanging mirror and a stylized 3d panel.

The bathrooms are designed in a light shade of stone and contain all the equipment hidden in the furniture, which removes the chaos and makes the premises more holistic and stylistically consistent.

Interior visualization


Virtual tour of the interior of the apartment

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