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Beauty salon design

The interior design project of a beauty salon allows the owner of the salon to plan a well-functioning business in a quality manner. We provide solutions not only for interior design, but also for the entire methodology of the salon. From the moment the client visits the salon to the smallest details of the work of all employees.

To begin with, we inspect the premises and, together with the client, calculate all possible options for planning a beauty salon. The total area of the premises, the number of employees and the list of services provided by the beauty salon are taken into account. Also important is the selection of equipment for each service area, its cost, overall size and functional characteristics.

Having made measurements, we offer the client several options for planning the salon, based on the wishes of the customer, the budget and the possibilities of the current location and configuration of the room. It is necessary to think over the location and work area for each employee, areas for departments and the convenience of passages and interaction between them. Beauty salon services are usually divided into:

- hairdressing services;

- make-up;

- Mani Pedi;

- cosmetology;

- massage;

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Usually, these are full-cycle beauty salons that provide services for all possible types of services in this industry. Such a salon requires a spacious room and considerable investment.

It should be noted that in recent years, salons that provide services exclusively to men have gained momentum. Barber shop is a rather fashionable and outwardly attractive salons that have rapidly gained momentum due to their clear focus on the client niche.

Perhaps you should start with the entrance area and showcases or signs. It is important to consider that the sign must always be illuminated, because. Most of the cabin load falls on the twilight and evening hours of the day. Therefore, a dark sign will never attract anyone.

Another method to attract the attention of customers can be a transparent showcase showing the entire work process. If a person passes by the salon and sees all the processes, then this will attract much better than the brightest sign.

In the entrance area, it is necessary to provide a reception, a waiting area and a place for goods that visitors can see while they are waiting for the provision of services. It is recommended to place a closet for outerwear not in the passageway, but, for safety and security reasons, somewhere where the salon manager can control the dressing process.

The main working hall is usually made open and has several types of services. Hairdressers, make-up artists and manicures can be in the same room. It happens that the salon makes VIP rooms, where you can provide several services at the same time.

Lighting in the cabin is divided into general (technical light), local and decorative. It would not be superfluous to highlight the reception and the shop window, as well as think over neutral high-quality light from several sources.

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