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Interior design of a small apartment


Interior design of one-room apartments is not an easy task for residents. The confined limited space is not so easy to use really correctly and ergonomically, so that the room does not lose either functionality or spaciousness. The team of specialists from the GENESIS design studio will help you turn even the smallest apartment into a truly comfortable space for living.

Working on projects, we adhere to important rules that allow us to think over the interior design of a small apartment to the smallest detail to achieve the best effect of space optimization. Among these principles are:

  • the correct selection of colors for each room with the creation of a single style of housing, where all the elements of interior design will be harmoniously combined;

  • finding the most effective solutions for placing household and electronic equipment without compromising the free space of the home;

  • competent use of lighting for each room;

  • choosing a suitable decor that would be a beautiful touch to your interior design without attracting attention.

Do you need redevelopment?

When developing an interior design in the style of minimalism for an apartment limited in square meters, at the initial stage, it is necessary to determine the need for redevelopment. In some cases, it can be avoided by using expressive visual aids, zoning and design techniques. They will help to visually see the possible design of small interiors with photos that you can find on our website.

However, redevelopment of small-sized housing often helps to solve many problems associated with free space. This way you can remove unnecessary storage rooms, partitions, combine rooms, etc. Housing redevelopment can be done in two ways:

  • By the successful arrangement of pieces of furniture to divide the room into functional zones. The design of budget interiors can do with minimal intervention in the primary layout. For optimal zoning, color contrasts can be used in interior decoration, sliding screens or doors, furniture, decor items, etc.;

  • By demolishing unnecessary partitions - this option is suitable for one-room apartments. Due to the absence of load-bearing walls, there is no risk of damage to the structure of the apartment building. Partitions can be removed between the room and the corridor, the living room and the kitchen, the loggia and the room, etc.

Secrets of a successful interior design of a small apartment

When developing the interior design of a small apartment, we use effective methods that can visually or actually make the available space more free, spacious and comfortable for a modern person. Among such techniques are the following:

  • Furniture - modern furniture is perfect for small spaces. A minimalistic stylish shape, no unnecessary details and decor, restrained colors are what you need to arrange a compact interior. Special attention should be paid to multifunctional furniture that can turn a small section of a room into several full-fledged zones, for example, a combined recreation and work area;

  • No boundaries - using the same flooring throughout the apartment without sills and transitions, we manage to achieve a single integrity of the space, which visually makes it larger;

  • Corners - Thinking over the interior design of a small room, we are looking at how we can use the corners of the room in the most functional way. Corners are excellent areas for organizing storage systems, which can seriously help in arranging a comfortable and not overloaded environment for residents;

  • Competent work with space - high shelves or open cabinets with shelves to the ceiling help to make the room visually higher, mirrors are visually wider, you can make the room "light" and spacious using light shades in interior decoration and furnishings. Even the interior design of the Khrushchev apartment with the help of small tricks and tricks, we are able to turn into spacious modern housing;

  • Minimalism in decor - a successful interior design consists in the rejection of excessive, inconsistent decor (an abundance of souvenirs, variegated paintings, etc.). Just two or three successful touches in terms of decor will make the room beautiful, stylish and at the same time not overload the interior.

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