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Interior design in classic style


Successful, accomplished people most often prefer to decorate their home in a classic style. The classic interior design will look harmonious in a house or apartment with large, separated rooms, with a high ceiling. The interior in this style is an indicator of the high wealth and refined taste of its owner.

Interior design in the style of a modern classic involves dividing the entire space of rooms into symmetrical and proportional parts. All finishing materials and decor should only be of the highest quality.

Wall and ceiling design

The walls in the classic interior are divided into zones:

  • The lower belt is separated by stucco molding;

  • Belt under the ceiling;

  • Vertical zones.

These zones may differ from each other in color, texture.

A niche can be mounted in the wall, which can serve as a shelf for exquisite and expensive accessories. The ceiling must be decorated with voluminous and massive stucco. The walls can be covered with expensive wallpaper, lined with wood panels, or painted with paint.

Color scheme

The color palette in a classic interior is not rich, mainly brown, gray, beige, muted yellow or green, rarely burgundy are used. But, despite this, the specialists of the GENESIS design studio manage to develop many cozy interiors in the classic style. You can be convinced of this by looking at photos of interiors in this style.


For interior design in a classic style, only furniture made from natural wood of valuable species (oak, mahogany) is used.

Legs - curved, decorated with carvings. Upholstered furniture is upholstered in expensive fabrics with various ornaments.


Classic rooms should be well lit at any time of the day. During the day, this is achieved thanks to high and wide windows, and in the evening - chic chandeliers. Chandeliers are used multi-tiered with crystal pendants or candle-shaped lamps. For local lighting, use table lamps or wall sconces in the style of the main chandelier.


Objects of art act as decor:

  • Paintings;

  • Sculptures;

  • Collections of antiques;

  • Figurines.

A fireplace is an obligatory attribute of a classic interior. Better if it is real, not electric.

Modern technology and classic style

In order for the technique to harmoniously fit into the classic interior, there are two options:

  1. Buy equipment in retro style. This method works well for kitchen appliances.

  2. Use built-in household appliances. This method will allow you to get the interior in the same style. This technique can be hidden behind special panels to match the furniture.

  3. Place equipment in special niches in the wall. This method is especially convenient for TVs, stereo systems.

The specialists of the GENESIS design workshop will help you create the interior of your dreams, combining all the canons of the classics and modern technologies. So that your home becomes your fortress!

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