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English style

Key features of the English style:

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Calm solid carpets in wealthy residential interiors and spectacular patterns in main living rooms.

  • Fireplaces or wood-burning stoves with carved wood, limestone or marble décor and gilt-framed mirrors above them.

  • Natural lighting, as well as chandeliers, wall sconces with two arms and frosted lamps, floor lamps.

  • Yellow copper, gilding and crystal - from picture frames to figured plinths of table lamps.

  • Dark wood furniture - mahogany, walnut, or stained oak - with curved, inverted-point legs.

  • Wonderful window decoration: voluminous draperies with folds, cords with tassels, lambrequins plus insert pads for those who like to sit on the windowsill.

  • Rich colored fabrics with intricate patterns and luxurious textures - velvet, chenille, leather.

  • Wooden parquet flooring or tile patterns on the floor in halls and kitchens.

Is the English style for me?

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Traditional English style is ideal for you if you:

  • Longed for the atmosphere and charm of classic interiors

  • Love antique furniture and antique shops

  • Love the warmth of a rich dark wood - red oak

  • Have your own buildings from a bygone era

  • Dreaming of creating a cozy yet elegant home

  • In no case, if at least one statement is true:

  • Color-heavy interiors make me claustrophobic

  • Colorful rags have nothing to do in my house

  • I live in a modern apartment

  • I prefer light and air

  • In my opinion, all sorts of plinths and friezes are too much

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