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Exterior and landscape design

In the process of building a building, without preliminary design, it is very difficult to understand how its external facade will look. Even with detailed drawings, it is difficult to imagine the fullness of the picture. In order to understand how the exterior of the house will look like, detailed visualization is needed. For this, the specialists of the GENESIS design studio are developing a comprehensive design of the exterior of the house.

Using the capabilities of software photorealistic 3D modeling, we create several options for the appearance of the facade of the house, as well as the landscape of the adjacent territories. A detailed layout gives the customer a complete idea of ​​how the building and landscape will look from different angles. The design of the facade takes into account many details, ranging from the choice of the architectural style of the facade and ending with the selection of vegetation and plantings for landscaping the territory.

Exterior and facade design photo

Exterior design of buildings

The development of exterior design is a task that requires high professionalism and a highly artistic approach, which are fully possessed by the specialists of the GENESIS workshop. The design of the exterior of a private house, cottage or other building allows you to work out the external aesthetics, harmony and attractiveness of the facade so that it blends well into the environment and is pleasing to the eye.

In the process of designing the exterior design, the features of the adjacent landscape are taken into account, a suitable style is chosen and every little thing is thought out to match the final result to the wishes and vision of the exterior by the customer. When choosing a facade design, we take into account the purpose of the building - depending on the type of building, the most suitable and harmonious exterior design will be selected.

The following details are included in the outline design of the exterior of the building:

  • the appearance of the facade of the building;

  • the type and type of fencing, its style and details;

  • flower beds and vegetation;

  • small architectural forms such as sheds, walkways, additional buildings, etc .;

  • decorative elements of the landscape.

Landscaping of a private house

Exterior design and landscaping are inextricably linked. The development of landscape design is work with the improvement of the territory adjacent to the building using natural resources (plants, stones, soil, water, etc.) and effective methods of rational land zoning. The main task of landscaping is to harmoniously weave nature and the environment into the daily life of a person.

Planning of plantings of shrubs and plants, study of relief features, complex landscaping of the site, design of artificial reservoirs - all these, as well as many other works are performed by the specialists of the GENESIS design studio in order to turn the territory adjacent to the building into an island of natural harmony, ideally combined with a facade.

A landscape design project allows you to see green spaces and small architectural structures on the site even before it starts working with it. With the help of 3D programming, we will help you prepare an exterior landscape design for your dream home.

The landscape design in front of the house includes photorealistic complex layouts, which include:

  • 3D visualization of improvement and landscape of the territory adjacent to the house;

  • Detailed visualization of the exterior from different angles for a detailed demonstration of the final result to the customer;

  • Professionally worked out sketches of the building from different sides, facades, territory and green areas;

  • Graphic presentation of individual structural and architectural objects;

  • Complex drawings, sketches and visualizations of additional structures in the adjacent territory (for example, a pool, a fountain, an alpine slide, etc.).

A comprehensive design project for the exterior and the surrounding area will fully reveal the architectural concept, as well as all the characteristic and style features of future structures near the building.


The specialists of the GENESIS design workshop will help you create the exterior and landscape design of any turnkey building - we make sure that each building is harmonious not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

Leading landscape designer


Дизайнер, визуализатор, визионер. Характерной особенностью Юлии является не только добрый характер, но и неиссякаемая тяга к новым открытиям в работе и своих возможностях. Каждая работа, каждый новый объект помогают раскрыть новые методы решения сложнейших задач.

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Yulia Polishchuk is an interior designer, landscape designer, visualizer, visionary. A characteristic feature of Julia is not only a kind character, but also an inexhaustible craving for new discoveries in work and her capabilities. Each work, each new object helps to reveal new methods for solving the most complex problems.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Yulia Polishchuk

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