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Have you ever faced a problem when it is very difficult to buy good quality wooden furniture ?

Now on the furniture market there are a lot of large and small companies that will gladly offer wooden furniture. But there is one “BUT” in this variety. Most of the products are of the same type and standard. It's good if you have a minimum task before you.

What to do when your desire is higher than ordinary chipboard cabinet furniture? In this case, you can buy expensive European-made designer furniture. Undoubtedly, these investments will be very significant, but for the majority it will be overwhelming, which will force them to abandon the best. They will have to settle for the “standard” options.



Our approach to furniture manufacturing gives us every reason to proudly offer services in the field of furniture production.


draw furniture sketches in detail


make drawings for production


we control all stages of production until the final result


Pine furniture (photo)

Pine is a very convenient material for making designer furniture from wood. Furniture made of wood implies the beauty of texture and softness of shape, which give the products an unusual character and external beauty. Pine can be used to make: children's wooden furniture, chairs, chests, lamps and much more.


Plywood furniture (photo)

Buying plywood furniture is not as easy as it seems. Usually, furniture manufacturers do not often pamper their customers with a good selection of natural furniture, which can be said that designer furniture made of plywood is not sold in stores.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Instead of looking for expensive foreign counterparts, we can develop for you drawings for the production of any unusual furniture in any direction: furniture for the home, kitchen, benches, tables, parametric furniture, as well as any other items related to the production of plywood.


Author's furniture and development

If you need to develop unusual furniture or decor, we can help you with this. Studio "GENESIS" can create unique objects for living space, such as furniture, lamps, accessories, etc.

Here are collected the author's conceptual developments of our design studio. These are ideas that serve as a guideline for the development of further design concepts for furniture design.

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