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Grooming salon "Hvist Hub"

   The interior of this fabulous grooming salon has been thought over for the most part. It remains for us to give it a zest that would catch on with its originality and stylistically fit into the overall concept of the brand and correspond to the character of the area in which the salon is located.

   The main idea belongs to the owner of the brand and lies in the involvement of our beloved pets in our way of life and, in particular, in art. But it is not enough just to take and hang pictures with images of dogs, you need to give them a hidden meaning and a hint that we are very closely connected with them. Our experiences, joyful moments and entire eras of life are inextricably linked with animals, to which we often relate better than people. And who probably treat us better than many loved ones, loving us with unconditional love.

   In this salon there is a separate waiting area for our smaller brothers, as a small armchair serves for a comfortable stay in the salon, as well as a photo area in combination with a stylized mirror with print and an elaborate large frame that corresponds to the classical era with its approach to the image people and animals.

Interior visualization


Virtual tour of the interior of the salon

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