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Portfolio of interiors by design studio "GENESIS"

In our work, we always try to adhere to the maximum realism of the interior design of 3d images. Photos of 3d interiors are made at the level of correspondence of the best resemblance to living realized interiors. This approach gives the client a sense of presence and understanding of the designer's concept.

The beautiful interior design gives the home a much needed sense of customer satisfaction from the work done and the money invested in the future nest.

Below are beautiful interiors of modern design, light classics, loft and ethnic style.

Interior design photo 3D

Turnkey interior design

Interior, design, layout - a harmonious and competent combination of each of these elements allows you to create a comfortable, functional and cozy living space. The interior design project consists of a package of documentation, including:

  • style and design interior decoration;

  • 3D visualization of a potential interior after renovation with furniture, lighting and decor;

  • general estimate of materials and work;

  • complete technical data for builders and decorators, etc.

The GENESIS design workshop invites you to develop a modern turnkey interior design. Author's design solutions, an individual approach to each residential object, the use of effective techniques for visual enlargement and zoning of space, optimal planning solutions - we will do our best to make your home as comfortable, stylish and functional as possible.

Interior design development - main stages:

The design project includes many works to create a harmonious interior in a given room. All work consists of the following stages:

  1. Collection of technical data - measurements of the premises, development of a plan for a future project, determination of functional zones of living space;

  2. 3D visualization - creating an interior design is not complete without graphic volumetric visualization. The customer is offered several options for interior design, which indicate the colors used, materials and other finishing elements;

  3. Project documentation - after the interior design is ready, repair and construction will not be complete without documents, which will take into account:

  • redevelopment options;

  • layout of electricity sources and switches;

  • drawings of multi-level floors;

  • a list of specifications that will be used when carrying out repair work, etc.;

4. Samples - after confirming the specification, the customer is provided with samples of building and finishing materials, textiles, decor and other interior elements;

5. Estimate - on the basis of project documentation, an estimate is made for the necessary materials for construction, repair, decoration and interior decoration.

Competently drawn up and thought out to the smallest detail, the interior design project can be considered a one hundred percent guarantee of quality repairs. By entrusting the work on the project to professionals, you get:

  • accurate visualization of the future design of the room;

  • accurate calculation of materials required for repair;

  • rational planning of living space;

  • confidence in a great end result;

  • saving time.

Interior design project - the advantages of working with the GENESIS design studio:

The decision to order an interior design in the "GENESIS" workshop is the best choice for those who value their time and money, and also want to create a stylish modern interior for a comfortable life. Each client receives at least 5 beneficial advantages of cooperation with the workshop:

  1. Productive cooperation - for the perfect execution of all aspects of the project, professional coordination of work by several specialists is necessary. Our team consists of specialists in various areas of design, planning, design and interior decoration, which guarantees the best final result;

  2. A real embodiment of ideas - we create visualization and interiors that can be accurately implemented in the conditions of your home. This is not just a beautiful picture - this is a real project of a comfortable and cozy interior;

  3. Technical expertise - in order to be able to accurately implement the conceived design, we conduct a construction expertise, which shows how realistic it is to introduce certain elements into the existing layout;

  4. Author's supervision - the organization of the work of several structures implementing the project of the design group, allows you to control the accuracy of each stage, monitor the use of the necessary materials and colors in the interior, etc. Designer supervision is a guarantee of confidence in a perfect result;

  5. Loyal pricing - we always strive to find an individual approach to each client and order, forming a project plan based on the funds that the customer is willing to spend on repairs.

The GENESIS design workshop is your best assistant in creating a stylish, beautiful home, comfortable for a modern active person.

Interior design creation

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