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Interior of an apartment in a modern style in the Italian quarter

The interior of the apartment in a modern style is made with the emphasis on space and light. Being in the studio, where the living room and kitchen are combined, we understand that we are present in a spacious room where you can receive guests, watch a home theater and cook dinner without interfering with each other. Lighting scenarios allow you to vary the mood of the interior based on the desired atmosphere.

The modern kitchen allows several people to turn around at once, and the combo island serves as an additional place for cooking and guests.

In the hallway, you can conveniently undress and sit on the sofa built into the wardrobe. The shelves at the entrance also serve for the convenience of placing all the necessary gizmos, such as a telephone or keys.

The master bedroom offers several lighting scenarios at once: hidden lighting on the ceiling and at the head of the bed, spotlights on the ceiling and pendant lights for reading above the side tables. The color scheme in neutral tones makes it possible to calm the eye and relax from a hard day. The combination of soft and wood wall panels serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. Thus, the head of the bed is formed and the most vulnerable parts of the wall near the bed will be reliably protected. The very same protrusion of the panels makes it possible to lay hidden illumination on top.

Interior visualization


Virtual tour of the interior of the apartment

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