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Interior of an apartment in Kiev in neoclassical style

The interior of an apartment in neoclassicism for a lady.

Since the house has a history, the whole interior was created with the light mood of a bygone era, in which there was no rush and everyday fuss. It is this mood that gives a sense of peace and a healthy perception of life.

The living area is combined with the kitchen through an impromptu arch, behind which there is a small but very spacious kitchen with an upper tier and an open plan at the ends of the furniture part of the kitchen. The refrigerator and other appliances are built into the wall, which gives extra space in a small room.

The entrance hall is connected to the living room with a glass partition with doors, which, due to reflections, add liveliness to the interior and remove the static inherent in the classics. Also, in the corridor, furniture with an upper tier is thought out, which provides additional storage space.

Our bedroom is the largest room, designed for complete relaxation and spaciousness. Excessive elongation of the room is compensated for by the visual vertical lines of the moldings, vertical lighting by the bed and a high mirror in the ceiling, which serves not only to guide the marathon, but also significantly expands the space in the bedroom.

Interior visualization


Virtual tour of the interior of the apartment

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