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Interior design in the loft "Kurwa-House"

The character of the house depends on the soul of the owner. This project left the warmest impressions of joint work on the interior, the whole spirit of which is imbued with a slight hint of industrial style, and small loft accents make it not gloomy conservative, but romantic and a little adventurous.


Owner profile description: a young couple, people who do not want to adapt to any standards. Their inner feeling is conveyed to every little detail in the interior. Any thing has its own meaning and plays an important role in arranging the comfort and warmth of the interior.


There are no upper cupboards in the kitchen. In turn, maximum openness can be traced in everything: a minimum of closed cabinets, a maximum of organized storage. The furniture system along the wall makes it accent, as well as convenient for storing and displaying various decor items that the owners bring from distant corners of the planet. Large table with pull-out chairs, wooden furniture and an unpretentious kitchen apron. All these are things that do not strain the eye and, with the play of wooden textures, add warmth to the interior.


The bedroom has a slightly American character, with dark wall decorations and a brick wall behind the bed. Open furniture, a table without bulky bottom drawers, an open hanger. Slight clutter may not be the most favored character trait, but there is some mysterious slackness in it that allows creative people to be in a resource state and create amazing things.


The bathroom is the quintessence of protest against generally accepted standards. Wherever you look, there is a madhouse around. Wood, concrete, aged tiles, a metal grill, a partition made of multi-colored pipes - an unusual combination that gives a special charm and consistency to the entire interior.

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