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Light in the interior

Авторская компоновка линии светильников в ресторане
Декоративное дерево с огоньками
Декоративный свет в прорезном рисунке балки
Декорирование и предание новой жизни старым люстрам
Можно и так (иллюзия сводчатого потолка)
Мягкий свет африканского бунгало
Светящийся камин в винном погребе
Скрытый потолочный свет, имитирующий укрытие

As you know, 70% of the success of the interior depends on successful lighting. In ethnic interiors, this percentage is even higher. For a designer, this style is a real freedom. Below are the lamps in our interiors, as well as different ways of lighting the interior.

How we make lamps for example:

Sunny - this lamp was conceived as a ceiling lamp, a pendant lamp and a sconce at the same time. To be honest, we still don't know how to use it better))

He is a round model with wooden petals. A metal frame surrounds it at the back, and a shade is located in the center.

Of the features: the lamp itself has several light sources. This is a central shade, small dots-garlands in the petals and a lamp on the back. Thanks to this, the light peeps through the gaps between the petals.

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