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There are very few right angles and bulky, unwieldy furniture. The planning of the walls went along an oblique line and knocked down all the "standard" areas of the bedroom and studio.

We tried to expand the space as much as possible due to horizontal lines on the wall with TV, backlit shelves and mirrors along the upper perimeter.

The movable bar counter can slide close to the wall, while smoothly passing through the sofa. It fits neatly under the shelf and we get more space in the studio itself.

The bedroom has only a bed with a shelf. Everything. Do not need anything else. No dressers, no nonsense. Sliding wardrobe and workplace in the place of the former balcony. But still, there must be some fun. Therefore, we added a mirror panel on the long wall, so that this very wall was not boring. So, it seems, both the picture and the mirror, and it will play with half-erased reflections and rays from the lamps.

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