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Interior design studio "GENESIS" is a friendly team of professionals who have completed more than a dozen complex projects in the design of residential and commercial interiors, architecture and landscape design. We create and implement design projects in Ukraine and abroad. We are engaged in design and construction and renovation consultations.

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Head of the GENESIS design brand. Designer. Work experience 10 years. Graduated from the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. He has extensive experience in the design of interiors of varying complexity, design of residential and public buildings. Has a number of awards for participating in interior design competitions in various directions.

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Designer, visualizer, structural engineer of cabinet furniture and kitchen equipment. All these skills give a good result and allow you to productively and, most importantly, effectively work with contractors and technical personnel at the objects being implemented.


Tatiana Purtova

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Designer, visualizer, meticulous and talented specialist in his field. Knows how to perform complex tasks in the shortest possible time, as well as influence the positive attitude of the team with his optimism.

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Designer, visualizer, visionary. A characteristic feature of Julia is not only a kind character, but also an inexhaustible craving for new discoveries in work and her capabilities. Each work, each new object helps to reveal new methods for solving the most complex problems.


Maya Shlyanina

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Designer, visualizer, universal fighter. Ability to work and responsibility allow you to meet deadlines and solve complex and responsible tasks. 


Interior design reviews

Only a live recommendation from a satisfied client works in design!

So every satisfied customer is our investment in advertising.


Project - "Simplicity"

My story of acquaintance with Genesis agency began long before we started working on the project. The works that I saw earlier liked their functionality. I am very impressed by the delicacy of the designer, Alexei, who always defends his point of view, while operating precisely with a rational approach. Probably the coolest review is the fact that the project was accepted by me almost in its original form. You have taken into account all our preferences and "wishes", while comfortably placing the necessary interior elements. Thank you very much for the wonderful design of my house! I want to say a special thank you for the support! Guys, thanks to you, the renovation did not turn into a nightmare, but remained that pleasant feeling that you are creating your home!


Project - "Move"

New people who come to our life, obov'yazkovo yogo zmіnyuyut. Of course, it’s not necessary to have anything to do with the Internet. That I dear life for those who have helped me here have spared the creation of the people, as I didn’t just destroy the new rooms, but I embellished the whole month of the spy pratsi with the garnishing headlights and the positive mood. Dyakuyu also for the pre-river humor, intelligence, professionalism from "A" to "Z", acceptance drive, taking my hobbies and reincarnating them from the vitwir mystery. From the development to the removal of the finished project, everything went on in one step, our homeland is even more satisfied with the result and the impatiently completed repairs. I am giving you a lot of good friends, I wish you couldn’t get to the robot with your walk.


Project - "Children's room for a boy"

Alexei completely refutes the stereotype about the disorganization of creative people - everything is timely and relevant. The work was easy and at the same time very productive. In the process of cooperation, all our wishes were provided to the maximum, given that the design of a children's room is an increased responsibility: it should be not only beautiful, but also functional and safe. Alexey offered interesting and competent design and color solutions. And it’s just nice to work with a person who feels and loves his job. The son is already waiting for the move to his room, because there will be his own "attic", a podium and a cinema. :) We do not say goodbye, we hope for further cooperation. Thanks!

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Apartment remodeling

Let's be honest, it was the first time my wife and I contacted a designer and did it with caution.

It seemed to us that this was already the 4th repair, and we are experienced builders)))) But at some point we felt that we simply ran out of ideas, and we did not know which option would be better, and decided to turn to a professional.

As a result, we got exactly what we wanted - a freer, broader view of the project, unusual placement and layout options, which allowed us to decide on something more interesting and emotional than our initial ideas. Thanks to Alexey for his attentiveness, a truly client-oriented approach, as well as lightning-fast response to our requests. We are very happy.


Project - "Pragmatics"

Somehow on vacation, we met an interior designer

Alexey Beskorovainy.

I am sure that fate does not bring people together just like that. Therefore, when it came time to make repairs, we decided to entrust the development of the apartment design to the Genesis design studio.

The guys turned out to be creative and interesting. Some of their proposals were accepted immediately, other ideas were born in the discussion. As a result, we received pleasant communication, a full package of construction drawings, 3d visualization, help in the selection of finishing materials and a bunch of nice gifts for housewarming.

Thanks again guys! We will definitely recommend you to our friends.

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Project - "Boulevard of Fountains"

Our project with Alexei was initially difficult and we both understood it! There were many difficulties. The first and most important thing is that I live far away and do not come so often. But we used all possible means of communication for our work))

Alexey is a very responsible and sociable person who gives himself completely to work! It was also pleasantly pleased that he could always be contacted in the evening if needed!

In those short 4-5 days that I flew in, we went to meetings with suppliers, selected in advance by Alexey, so we managed to visit 6-7 places, so the time was productive.

I can't say that everything was smooth, there were some changes during construction, but they were all for the better! A little advice - don't be afraid to express your opinion if you don't like something and don't be afraid to change it! I want to say a big thank you to Alexey for his work, everything is done with a soul)))


Diplomas and awards

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