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Modern office interior IRONINVEST

Planning solution in 3d


Interior visualization

Modern office interior of 100 sq.m for a young progressive team of entrepreneurs.

The goal is to create a spacious office for 6-10 people with the ability to conduct trainings and meetings with clients.

Schematically, the office is divided into three parts: an auditorium for holding events, a working area for 6 seats and a meeting room for 8 seats.

The zones are visually separated by wooden slatted partitions, and the meeting room is separated by a glass partition with a grill on top for better ventilation. From the side of the hallway, the meeting room is separated by glass in combination with wood, which simultaneously closes the viewing area, but at the same time allows light to enter the room.

There is also a coffee area in the auditorium, where you can sit at the high bar or on the seats next to the window. Drinking water and a kettle are hidden in a special device under the coffee maker. This allows you to achieve aesthetic appearance and not clutter up the space.

The working area consists of 6 work tables, which are assembled into 2 modules with the ability to transform in the direction of increasing workplaces, which is a good prospect for the future and avoids the standard layout.


Virtual tour of the office interior

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