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Apartment design in modern style "Open-Up"

Total area 75 m2

The interior is designed for a large family with a modern outlook on life. The same goes for the interior. We will make a spacious interior, not loaded with furniture and unnecessary decor.

In the layout, we combined the premises of the kitchen, balcony, corridor and living room. As a result, we have a spacious studio, which, nevertheless, has its own clear zones, subconsciously perceived and not causing eye irritation.

Kitchen facades have a horizontal pattern, which serves to visually expand the space. A mirror apron is also provided with a drawing with a plant theme. A glossy stretch ceiling and skylight windows are provided throughout the room. A wide bio fireplace will add coziness and make your stay in the dining area more comfortable. The whole graphic of the lines of the furniture partition, as it were, invites you into the apartment, at the same time beating off the soft part from the front door.

In the bedroom, spaciousness is achieved with the help of horizontal lines of light boxes above the head of the bed, and the floral pattern and materials of decoration promote relaxation and good sleep, etc. Bathrooms are designed with overhead ceiling lights and mirrored outline on the walls. Thus, we solve the problem of lighting and freedom of view. One gets the impression that the bathroom is not surrounded by walls, but is located somewhere in nature.

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