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Modern interior in neoclassicism in the Podil Plaza residential complex

Interior of a 58 sq.m. apartment in the historical center of Kiev.

The main goal of creating this interior was the arrangement of the most spacious and comfortable housing that would suit every client and be universal both in aesthetics and in the practical use of space.

The studio's open plan allows a round dining table and a soft sofa to be freely positioned. The built-in kitchen has 2 levels of illumination, which is necessary when placing the kitchen away from the window. The very same kitchen appliances are built-in, which removes the impression that you are in the kitchen, and not the living room.

The bedroom is separated from the corridor by a glass partition with frosted glass, which lets in maximum light. This technique allows you to illuminate the corridor and give space to the room in the hallway. The bedroom is made, using bold wall tones (graphite and white), and the bed is upholstered in terracotta fabric, which, combined with a neutral blue carpet, brings dynamism to the decor of the room.

The bathroom is created in a combination of neutral shades of gray, white and wood texture. There is a large bathtub with sliding doors, a washbasin with a convenient cabinet and a cabinet behind the toilet installation, where a boiler and a washing machine are conveniently located.




Virtual tour of the interior of the apartment

To expand to full screen - double click on the virtual tour window

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