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Make repairs in a WEEK!

  • Do you have an apartment or house and want to sell it?

  • Don't feel like making expensive renovations but want to sell your property profitably?

  • Don't want to invest in advertising, but want to present your property in a favorable light?

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Then we have the best solution for you!

We will develop a virtual presentation of your apartment or house and create a separate page where any interested buyer can see all the benefits of buying your property!

How do we help to sell your apartment or house profitably?

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Our experts create a virtual reality showroom to give your customers a test drive of their future home. They can:

- walk through their future housing;

- to feel the space and size;

- feel the atmosphere and comfort;

- make a positive decision to buy a house or apartment that has not yet been built or has not been renovated.


The ability to sell your property in an extremely short time!


Increases interest in your real estate due to the opportunity to get used to your apartment or house due to our technology.


The money spent on the development of a virtual showroom is several tens of times less than the cost of repairs and is paid off 3-4 times due to the final attractiveness for the home buyer.


The WEB showroom can be embedded into any website or ad and viewed without virtual reality glasses as a 3d tour.

More examples of BEFORE and AFTER sliders for your apartment or house:


An example of viewing an interior in virtual reality



our technology

Виртуальня реальность интерьер

VR test drive

The opportunity to walk through an apartment that has not yet been built and better imagine the space.

Виртуальня реальность интерьер

Sales growth

Embed your showroom on the website or Lun.ua and get more traffic.

Виртуальня реальность интерьер
New Markets

Remote clients

Show your apartments to clients from other cities and countries.


The profit earned on the sale of an apartment or house significantly exceeds the cost of virtual reality itself. What can we say about spending on advertising and Internet promotion.

We will call you to help you calculate the cost. No spam.

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