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Modern interior of a house near Kiev

Interior visualization

   The modern interior of the house is 140 sq.m. for a young family.

   The color range is neutral shades as well as pastel shades. The public area of the house includes a kitchen area, a corridor, a dining room and a living room. All these areas form a common studio, comfortable for living and spacious for all residents.

   There is a large corner sofa in the TV and fireplace area, and the area near the fireplace is highlighted by a slatted panel that gives character to the fireplace itself.
  The kitchen borders the dining room and is conditionally separated from it by a semi-bar counter, which is a continuation of the kitchen countertop.

   Also on the ground floor there is a cozy small study room, which can be easily transformed into an additional guest room in the event of guests arriving.

   On the second floor there is a large master bedroom and 2 children's rooms for two sisters. Both rooms are designed in a light style that allows you to change the interior in the process of growing up of the children.

   Both bathrooms are made in light gray tiles with a combination of white colours and wood. This color scheme does not burden the eye and is practical in everyday use.


Virtual tour of the interior of the house

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