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Modern interior design


Modern style in interior design is characterized by naturalness, a combination of traditional finishing materials with the latest technologies, laconicism, minimalism, and the use of different lighting sources. The main directions in interior design in modern style are dictated by styles in modern art in general.

In the photo below, you can see all the variety and versatility of interiors in a modern style.

Modern design in the interior photo:

Modern classic style

From the classics, this style took for itself light colors, classic accessories (crystal ceiling lamps, plaster moldings), and from modern times - finishing materials, quilted furniture. At the head of the interior, designed in this style, there is a fireplace, as a symbol of hearth and comfort. This style is suitable for young people who are adherents of the classics.

Hi-tech style

This style is suitable for progressive people who are well versed in technology and used to practicality.

The main elements of this style:

  • Brick, metal, concrete, as a finishing material.

  • Smooth and shiny surfaces.

  • Rectangular shapes.

  • Color palette - cold tones - white, gray, black.

  • Almost complete lack of decor.

  • Multilevel lighting, lamps in the form of different geometric shapes.

Minimalism style

This style implies restraint and rigor in everything. There should be as much free space as possible, but the functionality of the room should not suffer.

The main elements of this style:

  • Plenty of natural light;

  • Furniture of simple shapes;

  • The complete absence of any decor items.

  • Natural materials.

  • Light colors, cold shades.