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Interior design in modern style of residential complex "Herzen-Park"

The GENESIS team was tasked with developing the interior design of a large apartment for a family with two children. The main goal is a modern, functional spacious interior not devoid of home warmth and comfort. For this, effective zoning techniques were used, many soft shades of white and beige, comfortable upholstered furniture in a modern style and a lot of light.

Large apartment for a friendly family with two children.

The main task is a practical interior in a modern style. Lots of white, functional and comfortable furniture, maximum space!

And again, the best option in this case was to combine the living room with the kitchen and the hallway. We do not notice how the zones smoothly flow into one another, allowing not to be cramped in space, and to receive guests at once for 6-8 people without visible stiffness and discomfort. There is no TV emphasis in the living room. Moreover, the sofa is placed with its back to the wall and facing the guests. If desired, a screen is lowered from the ceiling to watch a movie, and a projector is placed above the sofa itself.

The living area is separated from the hallway by a transparent bookcase that zones the space and provides comfort inside the studio. From the living room, the path leads to the nursery, which are located in a separate wing away from the master bedroom. They have everything that modern boys need. Spacious rooms with plenty of wall space for posters of your favorite characters from books, movies and games.

The master bedroom has a bed and wardrobe. Nothing extra! For convenience, we have designed an entrance from the corridor and studio. Through the door from the studio, you can quickly go to the loggia and drink coffee at a comfortable table by the window.

Interior design studio

The best solution for planning the interior of an apartment was to combine the entrance hall, living room and kitchen to create a fashionable spacious studio. Each functional area of ​​the studio smoothly flows into another, thanks to which we do not see clear boundaries, but we get a comfortable ergonomic space. The absence of unnecessary partitions, a lot of free space and air allows you to receive 6-8 guests at the same time, without feeling discomfort and cramped.

The focus on the TV has been specially removed in the living room area. And even more - a spacious soft sofa is placed facing the guests and with its back to the wall, which makes the space more comfortable for relaxation. But the owners were not left without entertainment - if necessary, a large screen can be lowered from the ceiling, on which you can watch films in a friendly company. Above the sofa itself is a projector. This technique not only freed up space, but also made it possible to create an original full-fledged cinema zone, which cannot be found in an ordinary apartment.

The living room and hallway areas are separated by a transparent beautiful bookcase. Such a rack perfectly serves for successful zoning of space, and also allows you to maintain a comfortable and functional environment inside the studio.

Bedroom interior design

For convenience, the entrance to the master bedroom is designed from the corridor and studio. The door from the studio leads to a beautiful spacious loggia, where you can enjoy morning coffee and evening tea at a table by the window. There is nothing superfluous in the bedroom. The main accent here is a spacious, soft large bed.


There is also a hybrid cabinet with closed sections and open shelves. There are two nightstands on either side of the bed, and spectacular futuristic lamps hang from the ceiling, filling the room with soft warm light.

Interior design of children's rooms

Much attention is paid to children's bedrooms, because there are two of them in the family. Children's rooms are located a little further from the parent's bedroom and are accessed from the living room.


Children's rooms are in stark contrast to the overall design of the apartment - the interior has been specially thought out for modern active boys. Vibrant bold colors, superhero-adorned walls, plenty of room for posters and awards, and a comfortable study area.

Bathroom interior design