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Interior of a modern apartment for a young guy

   The modern interior of this apartment has been designed towards young people with their own view of practicality and aesthetics.

   The overall color scheme is neutral tones combined with white and wood texture. Colors such as gray, white and neutral wood provide a comfortable and relaxed look. All premises of the apartment are designed in a single color scheme with differences in the texture of materials. From the side of the front door, ceiling lighting begins along the wall with decorative panels that connect the corridor and the kitchen. The window sill smoothly passes into the kitchen furniture in such a way that the entire furniture group is perceived as a whole. Next to the table is a kitchen cabinet with a microwave oven and all the utensils for serving.

   The bedroom is finished with wood paneling on the aisle side and at the head of the bed. This solves 2 problems: aesthetic and practical. Protects walls from dirt and gives the bedroom itself a cozy atmosphere due to wood. Hidden lighting allows for different lighting scenarios and creates a more relaxing environment. The large desktop is mobile and can be pulled back to access the window. The cabinet on the left side is stationary, and on the right side it is suspended above the table and makes it possible to move the desk.

   The bathroom offers hidden lighting under the mirror for use at night. We also placed a compact shower stall and hid all the appliances in the built-in wardrobes, thus avoiding clutter and randomness in bathroom planning.


Interior visualization


Virtual tour of the interior of the apartment

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