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East style

Key features of the Eastern style:

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Low furniture - futon beds, seats and floor cushions in line with the love of the Chinese and Japanese to sit and sleep closer to the floor. It is important that each element is simple and not clumsy. Sofas, for example, tend to have a cubic shape and an austere back, no pillow blockages!

  • Dark woods - walnut and black ash - are ideal for creating an invariable dramatic contrast to light floors and walls, but bamboo and reddish rosewood also fit the bill.

  • Smooth coloring instead of pattern is the general principle of modern oriental style, but if you want to please with a pattern of eyes, add chinoiserie - this is a special, oriental-inspired style that uses all sorts of fun motifs - birds, dragonflies, pagodas, temples and generous gilding for greater beauty.

  • Curtains are avoided altogether because of the extra hassle with them and pretentiousness. But for a minimalist solution, cream roman shades or wooden roller blinds are good.

  • Accessories are kept to a minimum in every respect, in both modern and traditional oriental styles, but graceful prints and wall panels, such as birds, a blooming lotus or bamboo shoots, are legitimate. Paper lanterns and floor lamps help create soft lighting at night without overpowering the austere setting.

Is the Eastern style for me?

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Oriental style is ideal for you if you:

  • hate the mess

  • strive for an expressive, recognizable design

  • love interiors where there is a lot of light and air

  • delighted with the idea of ​​minimalism, but not with extremes

  • you think that "less is better" is also true for decor

  • In no case, if at least one statement is true:

  • I love soft-soft cozy sofas in which you can drown

  • I need a house that is not afraid of children

  • I need the opportunity to update my house all the time

  • I have a lot of furniture and I'm not going to change anything, let alone chase such a regulated interior

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